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pollo project last year. It is an open autonomous driving platform, and the internet giant claims it has gained more than 90 partners for the platfor▓m so far.Chinese automotive executives have continued to highlight connectiv▓ity and digitalization as a key priority, followed by the increased adoption of big data analytics to create value, according to a KPMG's Global Automotive Executive Survey 2018.Global consultancy Deloitte ▓discovered in earlier research that Chinese car makers enjoy an advantage in these fields because they work in a progressive way with technology companies.Deloitte also found that Chinese customers perceive the brands and vehicles with such technologies as more premium than ▓those that don't.On Thursday in Chongqing, State-owned car maker Chongqing Changan Automobile joined hands with Tencent Holdings, another Chinese internet giant, in developing intelligent and connected vehicles.Zhu Huarong, president of Changan ▓Automobile said it was an inevitable trend that connectivity and cloud computing inject new power to the automobile industry, and that vehicles in th

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e future are set to be more intelligent.Industrial insiders have said that local car makers are trying to lure customers with the cutting-edge technologies for the younger gen▓eration who appreciate gadgets. "Chinese brands pro▓vided tech equipment without extra charge, before international giants d▓iscovered it's an effective approach to catching the eyes of younger customers," said Li▓ Qingwen, president of the Car-Bingo Academy."Chinese carmakers have surveyed customers and know they like them," he added.Equipment that is currently popular includes tabl▓ets, connectivity, voice control and remote control in mobile phone apps. Overseas auto brands are following the lead of Chinese carmakers in offering some of these

gadgets in their standard models.Sur▓veys show that the average age of Chinese customers is below that of most major overseas markets, they are early adopters of new technologies and tend to replace the car at shorter intervals.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat"Quality defects often emerge a long time after the vehicle has been in use, but Chinese-branded vehicles have only been in the market for a shor▓t time. Moreover, as recalls have a serious impact on brands, the still-young domestic automakers deal with quality problems through their after-sales service, rather than recall▓ing them," said Tan. However, Luo Lei, vice-secretary of China Automobile Dealers Association, attributed the r▓are occasions of recall from domestic automakers to an▓ imperfect automobile quality super

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